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Simplicity Axles™ are made by the Australian family business N.P. Hauffe & Co, based in Melbourne, Victoria. N.P. Hauffe & Company have been manufacturing engineers since 1955 and have a long history in the transport industry. 


In 1975, founder Norm Hauffe began making load-sharing axles for horse floats, enabling owners to safely transport horses to remote locations. The design evolved to allow trailers and caravans to traverse Australia’s most arduous terrain, with more than 28,000 Simplicity Axles™ Systems sold throughout Australia to date, both for commercial and recreational use. 


Today, Nevil Hauffe, Lynda Brown and Richard Brown continue to innovate and manufacture the smartest and hardest-wearing axle systems on the market. We are the only manufacturers offering a fully independent load-sharing axle system, available in leaf spring and coil spring designs. Our patented Simplicity Smart Coil design is a truly unique product offering unrivalled durability and performance both on highways and in the most rugged terrain.

Known for longevity and reliability, Simplicity Axles™ are specifically designed to withstand the arduous conditions throughout Australia. What’s more, we back up our products with real service from our team based in Melbourne.


Custom made

Call us to discuss your vehicle needs. We custom make our axle systems to your specifications and collaborate with your caravan/trailer dealer or manufacturer to arrange cost-effective installation.

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Australian owned and Australian made with Australian materials

We are 100% Australian owned and our Simplicity Axles™ are manufactured here in our Melbourne factory. We are the only manufacturer using 4140 chrome-molybdenum steel to engineer our strong and hard-wearing stubs, which are standard inclusions on our larger capacity units. These 4140-stub axles are also available on request across the full Simplicity range.  We use Australian materials wherever possible and, when we do purchase parts, we always seek to work with Australian-owned suppliers.

Ready to install, no assembly required

Simplicity Axles™ are supplied fully assembled and ready for easy installation. The manufacturer or installer can either bolt-on or weld-on the system. This offers considerable time savings to the manufacturer or chassis maker, who does not have to assemble and fit a suspension supplied in kit form or cover a warranty for assembly.


Get in touch if you need assistance with ordering or installation; we can work with your vehicle dealer or manufacturer to arrange a cost-effective installation. 

A true off-road warranty

We encourage customers to read the fine print to understand the Simplicity difference. Our axles are covered with a full off-road warranty, so no matter where you want to travel, you can go there with Simplicity.


While other axle products claim to be off-road capable, we recommend investigating the after sales support and warranty conditions before you buy. Unlike Simplicity’s true off-road warranty, many warranties impose restricted use conditions such as “bitumen and groomed roads only”. 

Genuine service beyond the sale

We stand behind our products with genuine after-sales service and readily available spare parts. We work with qualified fitters and repairers all around Australia, who consistently say they love working with Simplicity products because we are truly responsive with an effective customer support system.


A unique serial number on every product makes it easy to identify when an axle was manufactured and what spare parts are required. We also have a spare parts picture catalogue to assist customers to tell us what they need. If you buy genuine parts, they will always fit and perform the task for which they are designed. 

Affordable quality

While every component used in our systems is of the best quality available, our superior products remain affordable and deliver premium value for money over years of service. If you are purchasing a caravan and you want to fit a Simplicity load-sharing system to protect your investment, it should be similarly priced to comparable products on the market. Simplicity Air Bag Suspensions are also very attractively priced compared to similar systems.


If the cost quoted to you for a Simplicity Axles™ System seems unreasonable or much higher than the alternative, please phone us for a conversation. We are happy to discuss any potential fitment or costing issues with you or your caravan or chassis manufacturer to facilitate a correct and cost-effective fitment.

Insist on simplicity
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