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Simplicity Axles™ are supplied completely assembled.


Simplicity Axles™ are supplied completely assembled for the manufacturer or chassis maker to either bolt-on or weld-on. There’s no fussing around with an assembly kit and no need to provide a separate warranty for the installation.


Simplicity Axles come with a genuine off-road warranty, backed up by an efficient after-sales support system that ensures a trouble-free experience for owners, dealers and manufacturers.

Simplicity Axles™ are used by:

> Leading Caravan Manufacturers  

> Agricultural Implement Manufacturers

> The Australian Defence Force (ADF)

> Plant and equipment operators

> Commercial carrying companies


The Australian Defence Force selected Simplicity Axles™ for its trailers used locally and deployed overseas. After rigorous testing, Simplicity Axles™ emerged as the best axle for the job.



We believe we make the best axle systems on the market for new and second-hand caravans, delivering superior ride and handling on the highway and off-road.


For caravan dealers, recommending a Simplicity Axles™ System will ensure your customers have the best travel experience and recommend you to their friends! For manufacturers and chassis makers, installing a hard-wearing Simplicity Axles™ System means less repairs and less complaints.


Our warranty and after-sales service mean customers can come straight to us if they need a spare part or advice. 


Commercial & agricultural trailers


From the 750 kg capacity rubber sprung single axle to the 4.4 tonne tandem used for off-road agricultural implements, there is a Simplicity Axle™ to suit your specific needs. Contact us for advice on choosing the ideal system and configuration for your vehicle.


> Horse Floats  

> Plant and equipment trailers

> Header comb and Fuel Trailers

> Boom Spray and Airblast Spray Units

> Car and Boat Trailers (galvanised option)

> Council and Government vehicles

Alignment procedure

Alignment procedure

With wheels removed from the unit, place a straight edge across the hub and measure the distance into the chassis 200 mm on either side of the hub. The two points measured should correspond with the drawing below (measuring points should be approximately 400 mm apart; see below for diagram.)

The correct setting should be equal to 0.75 mm narrower at the front.  

To Adjust:

1.  Loosen off the clamp bolt on the adjuster cam.

2.  Rotate either in or out as required.

3.  Repeat on the opposite side.


Then check from wheel to wheel using straight edges. Measurement should be equal to 1.5 mm narrower at the front. If there is any discrepancy, alter both sides half the amount necessary, this will keep the axle square to the chassis.

For example: If the hub face to hub face is 4 mm narrower at the front move both wheels out

1.5-2 mm.

When all measurements are correct, tension clamp bolts to 70-80 ft-lb.

NOTE: On the tandem units, perform the above procedure on the leading axles. When satisfied with the front axles, with the aid of two straight edges, align the rear wheel parallel to the front hubs.

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