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Retrofit your caravan or trailer 

  • Love your van but don’t like the way it tows?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your current trailer or caravan suspension?


When your suspension is not fit for purpose, you might find yourself replacing expensive components due to unnecessary wear and tear or off-road damage. It can also result in an unpleasant or even impossible travel experience: you either can’t go where you want to go or it’s really not worth the trouble! 


Installing a Simplicity Axles™ System on your van or trailer will transform the ride, handling and durability of your trailable vehicle – and allow you to travel with confidence in all-terrain.


Well known for their reliability and longevity, our axle systems offer reduced unsprung weight and built-in sway control, as well as increased clearance under the chassis. 


Our Smart Coil and leaf sprung options can be easily fitted to existing vans and trailers (some clearance requirements may apply.)


Get in touch for advice on the best system for your vehicle; we can also help you organise a quality and cost-effective installation. However, most caravan repair or service centres can easily fit the system, which is supplied fully assembled and ready to be bolted on to your chassis. 


Plan your next trip with no restrictions on the destination! Upgrade your trailer for ultimate service! Our fully load-sharing axle systems will ensure your travels will be trouble free.

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