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Our Service Guarantee

Simplicity Axles is an Australian Made product, built by an Australian company made for Australian conditions.   We support our products and workmanship locally, and we’re proud to provide this Customer Service Guarantee..

The Simplicity Axles Customer Service Guarantee is:

  1. Simplify (Simplicity)

  2. Identify

  3. Fix

Part 1 - Simplify (Simplicity)

Contact us from anywhere in Australia and we’ll diagnose the issue with you.

Part 2 - Identify


Every Simplicity Axle is uniquely serial numbered.  By giving us this unique ID, we know exactly when your axle was made.  We know exactly what parts/components were used.  All build records are maintained and referenced to enable us to identify what part is required to fix your axle.

Serial number is located on the driver's side of the axle system.


Part 3 - Fix

If the component is in-stock, remembering that we machine and store parts and components locally, we’ll have it shipped to you, or the designated repair partner, within 2 business days. If we do need to manufacture it, we do so locally, and will turn it around as fast as possible. 


The Simplicity Axles guarantee is just another part of our mission to have you spend more time on the Australian roads with your beloved caravan or trailer

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