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The ONLY manufacturer offering a range of fully independent load-sharing axles.

> All four wheels move independently, maintaining ground contact and reducing strain.

Reduced unsprung weight, smoother ride, and built-in sway control. 

Quality comes first – every component is the best available.

The only manufacturer making axle stubs from 4140 chrome molybdenum – a hardwearing high tensile steel.

Supplied completely assembled to bolt or weld on – no fussing around with an assembly kit!

Australian made with Australian materials and Australian after-sales support.

Every axle comes with a unique serial number – ensuring efficient customer support wherever you are in Australia.

Adjustable ‘toe in, toe out’ wheel alignment for increased tyre lifespan.

Here’s why Simplicity Axles™ are different and the best:

smart coil

Simplicity Smart Coil

Simplicity Coil Suspension.jpg

The Simplicity Smart Coil is available in both single axle configuration from 1400 kg and tandem axles from 2500 kg.


This innovative suspension features our unique patented Variable Rate Spring, which no other suspension manufacturer can provide. The smart spring design offers a softer, smoother ride under light load conditions; only enacting the full spring capacity when required with heavier loads and harsher conditions. 


The Single Coil axle is ideal for smaller caravans and camper trailers, while the tandem Load-sharing Coil (LSC) suspension system is the ultimate solution for heavier caravans and trailers.


Our variable rate spring delivers perfect spring control using a single shock absorber. The design and ideal positioning of the coil suspension means a second or third shock absorber is not necessary, therefore reducing the cost involved in replacing the absorbers.

Load Sharing Smart Coil

The only fully load-sharing coil-sprung axle on the market, our patented LSC design applies the Smart Coil to a tandem system for heavier caravan and trailer loads (2500 kg to 4400 kg). It offers the best of both worlds: unrivalled stability across rugged terrain and a smooth journey on the highway.

The LSC delivers full articulation across all four wheels (over 200 mm) while providing a low ride height and low centre of gravity. This aids stability and keeps the tyres in contact with the ground or road surface at all times.

Simplicity Load-sharing Coil (LSC) suspension

> Protects your axle components (stubs, bearings, hubs, etc) from damage and wear-reducing maintenance costs.

Patented Coil Spring technology and quality 4x4 shock absorbers combine for long-wearing stability. Non-compressive articulation reduces strain on shock absorbers, minimising heat build-up and fade.

Full Toe In/Toe Out wheel alignment adjustment to increase the lifespan of your tyres.

Supplied fully assembled ready to install. The quickest and easiest suspension to fit for caravan and chassis builders.


As well as caravans, the LSC system is popular for ‘toy hauler’ trailers, equipment carriers and other heavy trailable vehicles requiring a superior combination of on-road and off-road performance. In commercial applications, where ride quality is critical, the LSC system is outstanding.

Leaf spring axle

Leaf spring axle systems

John Mcpherson Trailer 1.JPG

Simplicity’s leaf spring axle systems revolutionised caravan travel in Australia, allowing adventure travellers to tow their vans across all terrain for more than four decades. They have also been fitted to thousands of commercial and agricultural trailable vehicles, delivering years of hard-working service.


Our leaf spring systems also feature our load-sharing design and full wheel articulation, without requiring shock absorbers.


Available in single and tandem systems, they offer an extremely low maintenance and cost effective suspension solution for on and off road travel for all purposes.    

Airbag tandem systems

Airbag tandem
Airbag system.jpg

With a load capacity up to 4200 kg, our tandem airbag systems are a popular option for touring vans travelling mostly on sealed roads, with some off-road travel.


Caravan owners love this system for its easy manual pump system, enabling them to level their caravan with the push of a button at the end of the touring day. It is not a load-sharing system but offers excellent responsive suspension for its purpose.


The Australian Defence Force selected Simplicity Axles™ for its trailers used locally and deployed overseas. After rigorous testing, Simplicity Axles™ emerged as the best axle for the job.

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