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What our customers say

Testimonials from our customers all over Australia:


Bion Systems Qld
A manufacturer of sophisticated water treatment technology

"We deliver and install this equipment all over Australia, including some of the remotest parts of the continent. This involves travelling long distances over poor road conditions.


When we needed to build a new trailer to carry this delicate cargo, we looked around for a suspension that was robust, dependable, and fully off-road capable, yet gentle on the trailer and cargo, whether fully laden or empty.


The Simplicity LSC Load Sharing Coil suspension was the only thing suitable for the task. After 6,000 kilometers over a period of two months on outback roads we are completely satisfied with the Simplicity LSC suspension."

Mr R Lindsay (ACT)

“My LSC set-up on our Leader Explorer-X caravan puts a smile on my face every trip. Stability, ability, and quality is first class.”

Cherie (Alice Springs)

“Yes we are very happy with the LSC when we took the caravan to Adelaide.
It rode really well.”

Nathan Bouwer (Western Australia)

“I had the team retrofit mine to their Airbag suspension, best decision ever. Tows beautifully, level it by the press of a switch either for towing or parked up. Great communication as we are in WA.”

Mr R Lindsay (ACT)

“We have the LSC under our new Leader Caravan. After 6 months of testing in on and off-road conditions, we couldn't be happier. It is by far the best handling out of the four new vans we have owned in the past 13 years.”

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